What's this BINL♥VER thing all about?

A friend got asked: "What's this BINL♥VER all about?", because she had a BINL♥VER logo sticked at the top of her iPhone 4.
"What's this BINL♥VER all about?"
"Well", she said, "BINL♥VER is like a great tsunami, when it hits you, it will capture data forever. It might be the sweetest thing in your entire life."

BINL♥VER is like a great tsunami, when it hits you, it will capture data forever.

When BINL♥VER started in 2011, we had the idea of creating a data dealing and harvesting service that allows a BINL♥VER agent to walk up to just anyone who he or she will meet in the streets, cafes or any other public space and asked them to get someones computer handed over due some kind of con game.

Nevertheless, the basic principle of BINL♥VER started to grow one year earlier when a friend from Kibera/Nairobi was in town who told me about african-maximalism and about how they created/used trash that was shipped abroad by first world countries.

I was wondering if I could work this concept into a new kind of online business model and that's how we came up with BINL♥VER; data harvesting from digital trash bins to create a new market value by selling it online.

We are trying to present to you BINL♥VER in its sexiest form as it can be by recording the harvesting action on cam to make sure to deliver you only the best and extraordinary experience of purified data fetish.

We can asure you that none of our harvested bins are fake and that our victims are 100% REAL people. Don't fall for websites which are trying to sell you low quality data or just random generated bullshit.