BINL♥ER is a user oriented outbound data-dealing service, adding new value and appreciation on data discarded by its original proprietor and relocating the data to other users on a supply-and-demand basis. Teister switches between the roles of social engineer and data entrepreneur, bringing orphaned files into contact with those who are unable to provide their own.

Staging an information emergency, such as needing to download a flight ticket, Teister invites himself to computers being used in the public space. From these hijacked computers, he harvests unwanted and trashed data. Teister then transforms rejected personal files into a product and puts them on the market. There are always people looking for data. One person's trash is another person's goldmine.

Data will be sold on USB memory stick at 10.000 files a batch. BINL♥ER promises to deliver prime quality data in a variety of file types ranging from executables to family snapshots. With a keen understanding of base economic principles, BINL♥ER invades the privacy of trash bins and creates market value out of them.

Teister examines how social situations, the trusting of strangers in particular, may yield data: harvesting actions could be considered stealth attacks on people's privacy but are also an act of sharing. Using the gap between data functionality and data ownership to his own advantage, Teister presents the tipping point between commodity and trash through his social engineering enterprise.

Comment 1"You can fool some of the people all of the time, an all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all the people all of the time."
| Comment 2“I've heard quite a lot of people that talk about post-privacy, […],there's just no possibility for privacy left anymore and we just have to get used to it. And this is a pretty fascinating thing.[…]”
Jacob Applebaum
| Comment 3"BINL♥VER by digital art cat Philipp Teister is a Rock Art project for the new decennium, it ain't home made, it ain't amateur anymore... it is more of a dirty next door thing and it could only happen now and here; today! Teister sneaks up bluntly and bangs girls' and boys' computers with his monster stick, he wildly penetrates them and instead of hot spraying his data into their usb-hole he sucks 'em dry, empties their trash cans from mature and obsolete files and even gets away with it. hilarious, mind-boggling and impeccable... another one for the art history books."