Public Announcement

Nobody should have the power to shut down websites just because they're trying to make a killing!
The Internet free is free-flowing.

Supply and demand is the basis of many economic concepts. This website is the result and proof-of-concept of this idea. Everyone wants back.

New technologies are radically advancing, we have to make clear that a "privacy infringement" cannot be compared to a violent crime. Privacy is just another word for nothing left to lose, created by whom else than companies that already make billions of dollars with your data. How come data porn providers like us get their website and business shut down while so many other corporate businesses are free to do so and even get government subsidies?

That is because privacy, copyright, and intellectual property is a business run by mafia-like companies. They work hand in hand with jurisdiction and executive power.
The time has come to overthink your marketing concepts and accept the new media.
So: FU EFF, FU PRIVACY JERKS and FU Police. But we love Jacob Applebaum!

Thanks to all who were supporting us! Let's keep on harvesting! #binlover #BINL♥VER

P.S.: Beware, and all other clones. They are just cheap FAKES. Only BINLOVER.NET is the one and only true ORIGINAL.