Lydia's Macbook
[view details] Blistering sun, ice-cold beer and juicy fresh data. I was hanging with my friends and spent my time enjoying the beautiful weather. Next to our table where we sat and drank our beer, I noticed Lydia and her friends doing the same.
All of a sudden, Lydia revealed her computer, a Macbook, and started to work for bit. What beautiful data she must have rejected before I noticed this scene? You know my charming appearance, and so I got over to her to ask her, if she would let me have her computer for awhile, because I wanted to show my friends a "new video" I made, before I leave the town again.
Willingless she handed to me her computer and I started to browse to her trash bin for the most beautiful rejected data of this day. Happily and with a USB stick filled with her stuff, I returned computer back to her and said: "Thanks hun, that was great."